Kittens are Being Dyed Purple to Mark Them as Bait in Dog Fights

A kitten escaped from a dog fighting ring where he would have been viciously torn apart. However, the dog fighting ring still hasn’t been busted.

A small kitten was dyed partially purple for the purpose of being used in a dog fighting ring. Though this one kitten managed to escape, there are likely many more out there still suffering due to this disturbing cruelty.

The black and white kitten was luckily found by a UPS driver and taken to the Southside Animal Shelter. The kitten’s white fur was dyed purple, a clear indicator to employees that he was intended to be used in a dog fighting ring. Shelter officials explained on social media that dog fighters dye kittens various colors and make bets on which kitten will be destroyed first by the dogs.

Luckily, most of the dye came off the kitten, and shelter employees were able to provide him with a safe and stable environment. This kitten will have the chance to be adopted by a loving family. However, there are likely many other kittens that are being abused by dog fighters in the city.

The Southside Animal Shelter recently took in a black and white kitten that likely escaped from a dog fighting ring. Authorities are working to find the people who are responsible for these horrific events but no suspects have been named.

A UPS driver turned the kitten over to the shelter after finding him in an industrialized area. Shelter officials noticed the kitten’s white fur had been dyed purple and explained that kittens were dyed different colors and used in dog fighting circles. Unfortunately, the culprits are said to make bets on things like what kitten will survive the longest among the dogs.

Photo credit: Naples Cat Alliance