Three Dead Puppies Reportedly Discovered Without Access to Food or Water

Chronic neglect allegedly led to the deaths of three puppies in Connecticut. The woman charged with their deaths, Catherine Palmer, reportedly was in possession of seven more puppies and two elder dogs at the time of her arrest. This tragedy could have been even graver, and accountability should be a top priority.

Palmer does not seemingly even live at the residence where she was said to have kept the animals. They reportedly lacked access to even basic food and water. Tenants of the building had reported at least one unresponsive puppy, kickstarting the investigation. These witnesses later alleged that the accused woman had attempted to replace the ailing puppy with a healthier animal in order to fool authorities. Conditions at the residence where the other dogs lived were extremely unsanitary, according to reports.

Even after this initial incident, the vulnerable animals remained in this seemingly unlivable household until another distress call from the same tenants. By this time, three of the young animals had reportedly lost their lives. Even worse, Palmer was allegedly running an unlicensed pet shop while these poor animals were suffering.

Photo Credit: Aditya Oberai

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