Starving Dog Reportedly Died Inside Feces Infested Room

A dog reportedly starved to death inside a house filled with waste and feces after having not eaten for 30 days. Two other dogs were also seemingly neglected and roaming around the residence without food or water.

Three dogs were reportedly found inside a dirty and possibly abandoned home without food or water. One of the dogs was apparently found dead. The person, or people, responsible for neglecting these animals have not yet been brought to justice.

Police searched the home after receiving a complaint about neglected dogs at a local residence. The first dog authorities found reportedly died inside a room surrounded by waste. A veterinarian concluded that the dog had not had any food in at least 30 days, since food was not found inside the dog’s stomach and feces was not present in the colon. A second dog named Maddie was also seemingly found to be severely underweight. Officers further discovered a third dog that was thought to be okay. However, it seems that none of the dogs were able to reach their food and that they did not have water.

Police have identified the suspect, but he is still at large. He will be charged with two counts of torturing and killing animals, as well as with a separate animal cruelty charge.